City of Chippewa Falls Mission Statement

The City of Chippewa Falls has much to offer to its citizens and visitors. We enjoy an outstanding environment to raise our families, work in and retire to. The mission of the City of Chippewa Falls, Mayor, Council, Commissioners and employees is to enhance this lifestyle. We want to continue to foster a healthy quality of life, provide a safe, vibrant, caring and sustainable community through municipal services and legislative actions. Chippewa Falls is truly a great community! Take some time to enjoy what we have to offer!

P.O Box 784
Chippewa Falls, WI 54729

The Concerned Chippewa Citizens exist to foster a sustainable environment in Chippewa Falls and the surrounding area in the belief that all residents have the right to clean air and water, healthy and safe surroundings, and job opportunities which respect our land, lakes and rivers.
To educate ourselves and others about the problems associated with strip-mining silica sand and the establishment of a silica sand processing plant in Chippewa Falls so that we can take appropriate actions to stop the plan initiated by Canadian Sand and Proppants, Inc. and City Officials.

  • Character and rural lifestyle of Chippewa Falls, the County Seat, and the surrounding Towns of Chippewa County
  • Community spirit, awareness and pride
  • Sustainability and protecting our environment including clean air, clean water and the health, safety and welfare of all who live here
  • Conservation and recycling
  • Positive opportunities for education and other growth opportunities for all citizens throughout a lifetime
  • Cooperation and communication among and between governmental officials at the city and county levels, with business leaders, and the citizenry both in the city and county
  • Respect for the rights of others, particularly those having opposing viewpoints
  • Trust, honesty, ethical behavior and integrity that promotes a wholesome, healthy lifestyle
  • Thorough screening of businesses and industries as environmentally friendly and sustainable employment opportunities before they are invited and accepted into our community
  • Preservation of our strong cultural and historical background
  • Recognition that our lakes, rivers, wetlands, streams and creeks, and our clean water are critically important resources in our county, and that we must educate the general public, developers, educators and legislators about their fragility
  • Assurance that an excellent quality of life will be here for future generations
  • Supportive spirit and positive attitude toward our citizens and the city for assuring that our area is the best that it can be for all who live, work, and play here

  • Speak out
  • Attend city and county meetings regularly
  • Write letters or make calls to city and county elected leaders to provide specific messages
  • Write and/or call state and national leaders
  • Speak to groups of citizens in and out of our city and county
  • Make connections with others having similar challenges and form coalitions
  • Attend city and county events. Wear buttons, shirts and distribute information about the challenges we face
  • Participate in activities designed by the group
  • Be well read on the issues and talk about them; let the community know how you feel and speak out when things are not right or demand change
  • Research the pros and cons of any issue; check out ordinances and laws; what do we already possess in terms of protections? What are we missing? What can be done to shore up weaknesses so we can be protected?
  • Ask for ordinances, laws and protections that safeguard the health, welfare and safety of all of our city and countryside and the citizens who live here